Our system is designed to solve problems:

Does your team buy a lot of print? Do they spend their time sourcing vendors, contacting vendors for pricing, creating spreadsheets, generating POs, following up on orders, processing invoices and creating reports? Is it taking too much time? Procureit5 saves time.

Have you outsourced your print buying to a print broker? Do you feel like you have lost control? Procureit5 puts you back in control.

Are you required to use a minimum number of diverse suppliers? Do you track and monitor your diverse suppliers manually? Procureit5 tracks and monitors all of your suppliers and will ensure that you meet your diversity spending requirements.
Do you worry about being audited? Are you manually tracking each print job? Procureit5 ensures accurate reporting of data and takes the worry out of being audited.

With Procureit5 you get multiple bids for each and every job.

No print buying team? Our sourcing experts will do the buying for you. We can setup your existing print vendors to be automatically included in future bidding.

Our print solutions system consolidates all print buying: marketing collateral, point of purchase material, direct mail, signage, packaging labels, forms, stationery, apparel and promo items.


Our print solutions technology platform ensures that you will meet 100% of your diversity spend and audit requirements. Need to buy 10% of your product from minority owned businesses? Need to track all pricing, proofing, shipping and artwork detail for every job in case of an audit? Our system tracks and stores all the information. You can access it with one click.

Procureit5 automatically routes requests for pricing to your qualified vendors. Responses are securely routed and documented. Authorized personnel may execute the purchase order with a single click. Pricing information can be automatically routed through your approval process, eliminating fragmented back and forth communication.

Transparent, efficient communication in each project turns your marketing supply chain into an auditable process. You will never have to search details and information in files or email again. It is all easily accessible and safe in the cloud.

Tired of having to support your locations from the corporate office when they need marketing materials? Tired of listening to your people complain about how long it takes to customize, order and get printed materials?

Procureit5 storefront technology saves the day.

Our print management system makes it easy for your locations to quickly customize, order and receive their printed materials. We will design your system to reflect your branding. The Procureit5 storefront values:

  • Efficiency: Unique user profile allows each person to only view items, categories and information that pertain to him/her. This eliminates waste and allows for product testing in different markets
  • Accountablity: Order approvals by item, user or dollar amount. This promotes accountability for spending and verification that customizable item information is correct
  • Inventory Management: ensures that your warehoused product doesn’t run out and doesn’t sit idle for too long
  • Customizable Assets: Allows users to download files, social media ads, website banners, online training programs, videos and radio sports
  • One Stop Shopping: Order collateral, signage, promotional items, apparel, labels, direct mail and tradeshow material
  • Procurement Experts: Source your products to ensure quality and competitive pricing
  • Real Time Data: Allows you to analyze spend and product effectiveness and to make internal program improvements


Do you think the print industry is kind of boring? We did. So we combined technology, sourcing and data to try and make print buying easy and fun: Procureit5 was born.

Our team is fun, quirky, innovative, creative and we love to solve problems. Oh yea, and we know a thing or two about technology.

Why the 5 in Procureit5? The 5 stands for the principles that drive our business.

Deliver Through Service

Embrace and Drive Change

Pursue Growth and Learning

Build Open and Honest Relationships

Be Passionate and Determined



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